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Immersive Theatre & Dining Combined.
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An immersive culinary journey with 3D visuals

Park Hyatt Phuket invites you to experience the best of theatre & dining in an immersive culinary journey following the footsteps of Marco Polo in 2 different shows.

Marco Polo, and Le Petit Chef Original .

Le Petit Chef Around the world

Le Petit Chef - The Journey of Marco Polo

Our team invites you to an immersive culinary journey. Enjoy this unforgettable experience of delightful dining and sophisticated theatre.

Marco Polo
LePetit Chef - Original

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Marco Polo
The Original
Le Petit Chef Information About Le Petit Chef Information About

Marco Polo:
Embark On A Journey Following The Footsteps Of Marco Polo Across The Mysterious Silk Road.

The Smallest Chef In The World May Be Small In Size But Huge In Flavors And Even Though Marco Polo Is Probably The Most Famous Westerner Traveled On The Silk Road, Le Petit Chef Sits Very Close!
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The Original:
Picture Yourself In Paris, Nice, Lyon, Beach Side In The South Of France Or In A Chalet In The Alpes. Wherever You Are, France Has Captured You With Its Savoir Vivre And Unbeatable Dishes.

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3D Mapping Technology 3D Mapping Technology

3D Mapping Technology

Featuring cutting-edge 3D visual technology and digital mapping, treat yourself to an immersive culinary journey with Le Petit Chef at your table, paired with themed music, props, and an exquisite 6-course menu.

A miniature chef to life on your dinner table, all through the magic of visual mapping. By mapping your dining table and the objects on it (e.g. your plates and cutlery), we are able to project a virtual story onto the tabletop.

The 3D effect is often thought of as a hologram or a 3D projection. In fact the use of special optical techniques, length distortions from the right angle to produce the effect or illusion of 3D. Along with 3D projections, the Marco Polo story will also include props, soundtracks, and scents, which will make guests “breathe the icy air of the Himalaya one moment, and feel hot and heady in an Arabic souk the next”.

Le Petit Chef Around the world

Le Petit Chef Around the World

Now you can find the world smallest chef across asia and east europe!

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